Tracy Bannon

It's the humans that matter...

Saturn 2017 Talk

SATURN 2017 Talk: It Can Be Done! Growing an Architects' Community! Watch Tracy Bannon deliver her SATURN 2017 talk “It Can Be Done! Growing an Architects Community.”

Shift Left Acadermy: Builders and Breakers

Builders and Breakers Our best way forward towards cyber secure software is teaching builders to think like breakers and breakers to understand builders. Excellent discussion by Tracy Bannon, Casey Ellis, facilitated by Deb Radcliff

In the Nic of Time with Tracy Bannon

In the Nic of Time with Tracy Bannon: Why Culture matters!] Why Culture matters so much to succeed in software innovation, how to attract and retain talent, how to train your teams and what is working or NOT working when it comes to the DoD Software Factories! Nic invites Trac to share her experience in her role with MITRE as Senior Principal/ Software Architect & DevOps Advisor.

Federal Low Code Trailblazers

Bill Bunce, and Special Guests Tracy Bannon, and Alex Sutherland

Federal Low Code Trailblazers with Tracy Bannon and others! Join us for this episode of the Federal Low Code Trailblazers Podcast with Bill Bunce, Pegasystems, and Special Guests Tracy Bannon, Senior Principal/ Software Architect & DevOps Advisor, MITRE and Alex Sutherland, Director, Salesforce Architecture, Liberty IT Solutions as they discuss DevOps, DevSecOps, and containerization throughout the Federal Government. See what processes they recommend to build and sustain DevOps practices, and the current status of of DevOps in the Federal IT ecosystem.

Burlap or Tapestry? Educational Diversity

My personal journey has taught me the absolute value in diversity; our many varied paths provide a broad set of experiences transforming the fabric of our creative problem solving from burlap to a rich tapestry. With my mental map in mind, how do you think I responded to this question posed to me a few days ago: “I see your undergraduate degree is a BA, why would I listen to you about anything related to software?