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Does Ops Still Exist??

Does Ops Still Exist? What has happened to Operations folks? The rise of the term SRE (site reliability engineer) seems to indicate Ops has somehow gone away. DevOps did not diminish the need for Operations and neither will SRE.

#NoHobbyists - Cybersecurity Cannot Depend on Hobbyists

We have a talent and knowledge deficit with cybersecurity. The pace of technical innovation is ever increasing as is the need to constantly upskill. Often, the most successful and sought after talent spend many many hours on their own to keep pace; this is not sustainable.

Life After WordPress

When to outsource, and when to just do it!

“This is the beginning and the best is yet to come! ” Time to simplify! Time to drink my own champagne. I don’t need someone hosting my website or managing my content. I am committed to providing by guidance as code and using Git to managed my espressions with y’all. Photo by averie woodard

Burlap or Tapestry? Educational Diversity

My personal journey has taught me the absolute value in diversity; our many varied paths provide a broad set of experiences transforming the fabric of our creative problem solving from burlap to a rich tapestry. With my mental map in mind, how do you think I responded to this question posed to me a few days ago: “I see your undergraduate degree is a BA, why would I listen to you about anything related to software?

Perseverance, the IRS, and Partnering

If you never know failure,. you will never know success.

#StraightTalk4Gov and sharing of experience stories is a passion for me. I’ve been thinking about the importance of learn fast/fail fast whether yesterday or earlier. We have a responsibility to share the stories that highlight culture building, organizational change, policy bending, and perseverance A few years ago I had the opportunity to collaborate with Aaron Francensconi, Amin Qazi, Rupesh Kumar and others at the IRS on adopting agile principles and growing a DevOps practice.