Tracy Bannon

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Saturn 2017 Talk

SATURN 2017 Talk: It Can Be Done! Growing an Architects' Community! Watch Tracy Bannon deliver her SATURN 2017 talk “It Can Be Done! Growing an Architects Community.”

Shift Left Acadermy: Builders and Breakers

Builders and Breakers Our best way forward towards cyber secure software is teaching builders to think like breakers and breakers to understand builders. Excellent discussion by Tracy Bannon, Casey Ellis, facilitated by Deb Radcliff

Saturn 2016 Talk

The Journey to Hybrid Cloud: Considerations for Architecting Your Enterprise Roadmap Tracy Bannon and collegure Sebnem Tokan discuss considerations for architecting your enterprise roadmap on your journey to cloud adoption. The reality is that we will live in a mix hosting world for a long time blending onprem and cloud into a ubiquitous software ecosystem. Gartner found 2016, the bulk of IT spending would go to cloud acquistion. That means we need to quickly figure out how to quickly plan for and leverage cloud resources.