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Does Ops Still Exist??

Does Ops Still Exist? What has happened to Operations folks? The rise of the term SRE (site reliability engineer) seems to indicate Ops has somehow gone away. DevOps did not diminish the need for Operations and neither will SRE.

#NoHobbyists - Cybersecurity Cannot Depend on Hobbyists

We have a talent and knowledge deficit with cybersecurity. The pace of technical innovation is ever increasing as is the need to constantly upskill. Often, the most successful and sought after talent spend many many hours on their own to keep pace; this is not sustainable.

Life After WordPress

When to outsource, and when to just do it!

“This is the beginning and the best is yet to come! ” Time to simplify! Time to drink my own champagne. I don’t need someone hosting my website or managing my content. I am committed to providing by guidance as code and using Git to managed my espressions with y’all. Photo by averie woodard

Podcast Series:On the Road to DevHops

In this video series, Trac Bannon and Bryan Finster belly up to the bar and have an honest dialog about DevOps, Software Engineering, and delivering value. These two spar, disagree, and even invite few guests when they need new punching bags (just kidding). From being a “SADMF” to Culture to debates on the meaning of Autonomy, the content is relevant and unedited. Trac and Bryan even add an occasional guest to spice up the mix!

Podcast Series:Tech.Strong.Women

Tracy Bannon and Charlene O’Hanlon co-host this video series on focused on the challenges and successes that have helped shape women’s collective journey in IT and ways to elevate conversations around equity and parity beyond gender norms. Guests range from rising starts to CEOs who are all, as I like to say, totally #Badass View the entire season on Digital Anarchist. Here are the most recent! Beyond Gender Norms In this inaugural episode of Tech.