Tracy Bannon

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Discovering Grace Hopper: An Overdue Epiphany

I've dedicated my career to technology and to software architecture in specific. Why, then, did I only learn about Grace Hopper as I entreed another decade into my career??

This Reference Architecture is No Good --> What is an RA?

A software reference architecture is a common abstraction or standardization of design that can be reused. Abstraction is the key and it serves as a guide for designing and building software systems in a particular domain.

Low Code/No Code in your ecosystem? Let's show um some love!

LC/NC platforms have a place in the enterprise but what is their real value? The platforms differ by audience and degree of extensibility. There are architectural tradeoffs to consider as well as a set of gotchas.

daBOM - The connection between Generative AI, LLM and SBOMs

DJ Schleen invited me to be a guest on daBOM where we discussed software architecture, generative AI, Large Language Models, and SBOMS. It was a insightful and cleaver conversation.

No BUDs allowed --> Design for Change

Design for change! We must craft architectures that are not only robust and scalable but also flexible and inherently adaptable. We must be able to react to changing mission/business needs, cyber threats, market trends, and tech advancements to secure a competitive edge