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Perseverance, the IRS, and Partnering

If you never know failure,. you will never know success.

#StraightTalk4Gov and sharing of experience stories is a passion for me. I’ve been thinking about the importance of learn fast/fail fast whether yesterday or earlier. We have a responsibility to share the stories that highlight culture building, organizational change, policy bending, and perseverance A few years ago I had the opportunity to collaborate with Aaron Francensconi, Amin Qazi, Rupesh Kumar and others at the IRS on adopting agile principles and growing a DevOps practice.

Faux Script Kiddie!

Why is it so easly to learn to hack?

A few weeks ago I dusted off my dog-eared copy of ”The Web Application Hacker’s Handbook” by Studdard and Pinto (Yes,I still prefer printed books though I now spring for a second e-version for when I’m traveling.). I’ve installed the most recent version of Burp Suite community edition and OWASP’s ZAP and decided to freshen up my ethical hacking/cyber-student skills. Of course, I am not probing public sites, but rather, using the ethical learning sites:

VSM and DevOps Predictions 2022

VSM and DevOps Predictions 2022 At the DevOps Online Summint, 2021, Tracy Bannon tries to clear up some things about DataOps. In this conversation, she explains why DataOps is not DevOps for a 2021 has been a breakthrough year for value stream management (VSM). From the inaugural State of VSM report and expansion of the Value Stream Management Consortium to the rise of advanced VSM platforms, value stream management continues to grow as an industry.