Tracy Bannon

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#NoHobbyists - Cybersecurity Cannot Depend on Hobbyists

We have a talent and knowledge deficit with cybersecurity. The pace of technical innovation is ever increasing as is the need to constantly upskill. Often, the most successful and sought after talent spend many many hours on their own to keep pace; this is not sustainable.

Shift Left Acadermy: Builders and Breakers

Builders and Breakers Our best way forward towards cyber secure software is teaching builders to think like breakers and breakers to understand builders. Excellent discussion by Tracy Bannon, Casey Ellis, facilitated by Deb Radcliff

Faux Script Kiddie!

Why is it so easly to learn to hack?

A few weeks ago I dusted off my dog-eared copy of ”The Web Application Hacker’s Handbook” by Studdard and Pinto (Yes,I still prefer printed books though I now spring for a second e-version for when I’m traveling.). I’ve installed the most recent version of Burp Suite community edition and OWASP’s ZAP and decided to freshen up my ethical hacking/cyber-student skills. Of course, I am not probing public sites, but rather, using the ethical learning sites: